Rules & Regulations - Parque Aquático Amarante

Rules & Regulations

Article 1
Parque Aquático da RTA’s owner, from now on designated Parque Aquático, is RTA – Rio Tâmega, Turismo e Recreio, SA, from now on designated RTA, and the objective of this Regulation is to determine the park visitors’ rights and obligations, regarding its use.

Article 2
As the owner of the Water Park, RTA is the only entity responsible for its management and operation, which will be done through its own director and services, having the responsibility to:

  1. Watch over the maintenance of all areas of the Water Park;
  2. Recruit and manage the necessary staff to the service;
  3. Comply with the regulation and legislation in force for the activity in question.
  4. Comply with the instantaneous capacity available

Article 3
The Water Park has a complaint book, which will be provided upon request.

Article 4
The Water Park’s visitors can use it in the strict compliance with this Regulation.

Article 5
Terms of use:

  1. The visitors will have access to the Water Park upon a ticket payment, whose amount appears in the price list. 
  2. All services provided inside the Water Park, namely at the Bar, Terraces, Dressing Rooms, etc. will be payed and its prices are available at the venue on a visible spot.
  3. Holders and beneficiaries of RTA VIP usufructing titles benefit from the perks provided in the respective contract.

Article 6
Bearing in mind the imperative need of maintaining the highest levels of safety, whenever they use our slides or pools visitors must strictly comply with the terms of use described in posters distributed by several places of the venue and close to the exit platforms, as well as comply with our staff recommendations.

Article 7

  1. Children under 12 years old and not accompanied by an adult, who is responsible for their surveillance and behavior, are not allowed to enter the Water Park.
  2. The access to the Water Park is forbidden to people who may be disturbing the public order and quiet.
  3. People who carry glass objects, guns or other objects which may be used as a weapon are forbidden to enter the Water Park.
  4. Animals are not allowed in the Water Park, except for guide-dogs.
  5. It is not allowed to eat, drink or smoke at the areas destined to aquatic activities.
  6. It is not allowed to bring beach umbrellas, tents, chairs, balls, water mattress and pool floats.
  7. It is not allowed to run, push or dive.

Article 8
The following are the correct rules for sliding:

  1. At the beginning and throughout the path, the right position is the following: feet first, sit and at all times with the hands inside the slides.;
  2. It is not allowed to make “cavalinhos” or “comboios”;
  3. It is not allowed to use jewellery, rings, strings, spectacles or any objects that may cause harm in the sliding surfaces or to others;
  4. It is not allowed to use clothes with pythons or metallic buttons;
  5. It is not allowed to run or push;
  6. It is forbidden to dive in the slide exits;
  7. It is forbidden to dive on foot or on a position different from the ones indicated for each equipment, as shown on the poster affixed at the exit platform;
  8. It is forbidden to stop at any step of the tracks, as well as making chains with other users.
  9. It is prohibited to use the tracks from any intermediate point other than the launch pad;
  10. It is forbidden to remain in the reception tanks after they fall.

Article 9
Recommendations for the correct use of slides:

  1. Never put your hands outside the slides;
  2. Do not use the slides under the effect of alcohol or drugs;
  3. Do not use the slides if you are pregnant, suffering from physical, mental or cardiac illness;
  4. Leave the landing pool area as soon as possible;
  5. Follow our staff’s instructions and inform them whenever there is an emergency with anyone.

Article 10

  1. In case of any bad conduct, the access to the slides will be forbidden and the ticket fees will not be refunded.
  2. In case of any changes in atmospheric conditions, or other unexpected situations, the amount paid will not be refunded.
  3. Any kind of reservations or rented services are not accepted.
  4. The park reserves the right to close any activity without prior warning.
  5. The park is not responsible for any loss or damage of personal objects in all park, including its parking lots.
Article 11

Lockers and Safes Rental Service:

a) The contents of the lockers/safes are the sole responsibility of the user. The rental is valid for a maximum period of 9 hours.

b) The user authorizes the opening of lockers that have not been vacated until the expiration date indicated above. The content will be stored for a maximum period of 10 days, after which it will be delivered for slaughter.

c) In case of loss of key, the user will have to pay a fee corresponding to the amount of 5 euros.

d) For the stored content, there are no additional protection and security conditions than those existing in the aquatic complex.

e) Parque Aquático de Amarante is not responsible for any thefts or thefts of the stored content, or for others of any nature that may be committed during the period of use.

f) Users are responsible for accidents and damages caused by inability, negligence or any other cause, including as a result of breach of these General Conditions.

g) Parque Aquático de Amarante is not responsible for any damage caused by other users.


Article 12

Priority service:

– Persons with a disability or incapacity;

– Elderly people;

– Pregnant women;

– Persons accompanied by infants.

It must be the interested party who complies with the requirements to request this right, since the citizen may have to prove the degree of incapacity, age equal to or greater than 65 years, even if he presents alterations or limitations of physical or mental functions,

as well as the infant’s age. In this way, the Park may request the necessary certificate or citizen card, and the service may be refused, if the due proof is not provided.

DEFINITIONS -”  “Person with a disability or incapacity”, one who, due to loss or anomaly, congenital or acquired, of functions or structures of the body, including psychological functions, presents specific difficulties likely to, in conjunction with environmental factors

, limiting or hindering activity and participation on an equal basis with other people and who has a degree of disability equal to or greater than 60% recognized in a Multipurpose Certificate; You must be accompanied by the respective Multipurpose Certificate, as you may have to prove the degree of disability. -»  «Elderly person», one who is 65 years old or over and has an evident alteration or limitation of physical or mental functions; You may have to prove age equal to or greater than 65 years, even if you have changes or limitations of physical or mental functions. -»  «Person accompanied by an infant», one who is accompanied by a child up to two years of age. Both women and men are entitled to priority assistance. She may have to prove the age of the infant.

In the case of the queues for the slides, remember that most of the people above may not be eligible for their use, in any case, those interested should, upon entering the enclosure, ask the Directorate for the proper authorization for easier management of the slides queues.